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FLASH Visibility - A ShadowAero exclusive, the most visible recovery device available. The FLASH is a streamer, deployed at apogee, built from gold mirror metalized high strength material, with a shadow black obverse side. Developed from the many years we have flown extremely high altitude flights, built with rugged high quality exclusively for us by Top Flight Recovery. The FLASH has been standard equipment in our custom flight vehicles for quite a while, but now they are available as separates. There are 2 sizes, the 3" x 72" which sells for 19.95 (appropriate for 38mm and larger airframes), and the 9" x 150" (appropriate for 3" and larger airframes) that sells for 39.95.

WINGSLING - Tired of leaving your latest carbon fiber beauty on the ground at a launch, or worse on a table that can fall over at the first gust of wind? The -patented- WINGSLING is the answer to an easy, effective display for all of your finest flight vehicles. The WINGSLING is perfectly sized to suspend up to 5 rockets (up to 10" diameter each) horizontally from your EZ-UP tent, it gently and securely cradles your fleet, and displays them to best effect. Easy to set up, and they stow in almost zero space. The WINGSLING performs the same function at home, easily suspending your rockets from the wall of your shop. The WINGSLING for rocketry is 29.95, and includes two individual suspensions, as shown in the picture. ShadowAero is the EXCLUSIVE rocketry dealer for this PATENTED product. Simple, yes. Effective, absolutely!

THE COMPOSITE CURING OVEN PLANS SET - This product contains the plans and hard to find parts to create a high temperature curing oven for your advanced composite projects. Imagine being able to reliably and safely cure your epoxy laminates in 90 minutes, or cure epoxy based fillers in the same time! No more overnight cures! Get a beautiful and even constriction of your airframe laminates with our heat tape (the 2.5" works especially well in this oven).  And, you can also use the oven shown in these plans to complete a basic post cure process on your cured laminates, raising their temperature resistance and enhancing their mechanical properties. A curing oven is simply the most useful tool you can have in a composite shop! The 45.00 price includes a complete plan set for the curing oven drawn to scale, a list of the materials to construct it from ( all available from your local home center, and the design is scaleable to whatever size you require), complete assembly and use instructions, and a special new adjustable high range thermostat (adjusts from 120 to 300 degrees F). The completed oven including the cost of the plans set is under 100.00, and this is the best money anyone that is serious about their composite construction will spend! CURING OVEN PLANS SET - 45.00

AERO-COOL TAPE for joining modules is our newest product, another ShadowAero exclusive! The best way to join sections of a rocket is with a very strong tape, it offers far more surface area and retention strength than the tiny point loads of individuals fasteners. Our tape is a metallized ultra-high strength fiber tape that can withstand over 2000 degrees of radiant heat, with an extremely strong adhesive. It is very low profile (4 mil), and creates a minimum of frontal drag increase. A 1.5" x 15' roll is priced at 17.00.

ROCKETFLITE Ignition products: MAGNELITE and the new MAGFIRE pyrogen kits, ML and MF wires are again available! The Magnelite pyrogen is for standard motor ignition, pyrogen kits are 29.95, with ML wires in lengths of 72" (ML-72, 15.95 for 12), 48" (ML-48, 13.95 for 12), 24" (ML-24, 10.95 for 12), and 12" (ML-12, 9.95 for 12). The MagFire pyrogen kit is for low temperature, low current firing (such as ejection charges), the MF pyrogen kit is 39.95, and 12" MF wires are 9.95 for 12 (MF wires are available in 12" lengths only).

HEAT TAPES - As used in our video series, this compaction tape uses the heat of the curing epoxy to compact the laminate and bleed off excess resin, giving vacuum bagged quality laminates at a fraction of the cost! Elevated temperature use recommended (see our curing oven plans set!)- Smooth, 26.00/100 yd. roll - Perforated, 30.00/100 yd. roll - THE BIG STUFF! -2.5" wide smooth Heat Tape -46.00/100 yd.roll for airframes 4" and larger, oven cure with our curing oven necessary for best results.

KEVLAR PULP REINFORCEMENT FILLER - Add to epoxy for extremely tough, structural fillets. We are one of the only sources for this material in the world, it is export restricted - 20.00 for a 10" x 10" x 2" thick bagged amount (very light, weight can vary)

ROCKETMAN 24" DROGUE CHUTES - Great chutes, 25.00 each. Other ROCKETMAN chutes by Ky Michaelson are available as special order items, email us for a quote.

THE ADVANCED COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION VIDEO SERIES - Video 1:"ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNIQUES FOR HIGH POWER ROCKETRY" - This 1 hour, 41 minute video is the most helpful instructional resource you can get if you are interested in the technology of fiberglass lamination and dealing with advanced materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. Darrell Mobley of Rocketry Online called it "The Holy Grail of composite instructional techniques", high praise from an acknowledged expert. We have received regular glowing reports of the success people enjoy with their projects due to the clear and concise nature of this video series. Video 2 covers "ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION AND FINISHING TECHNIQUES FOR COMPOSITES" where actual demonstrations show how to create your own tubes from advanced materials and approach structure as an engineer with effective, proven bonding techniques for fins and internal structure, and Video 3: "VACUUM BAGGING TECHNIQUES" includes explanations of the elements necessary for vacuum bagging, with demonstrations of 3 techniques: Flat sheet, Low Relief (Dimensional Fin Half Mold Bagging), and High Relief (Dimensional Nose Cone Half Mold Bagging). Since our introduction of these techniques to the high power rocket hobby over ten years ago, they have become 'standard operating procedure' for all high impulse flights. Now available at new, low prices! Get the 3 dvd set for 36.00 (individual videos from the series are 12.00 each), or while they last, VHS sets of all 3 videos for 20.00!